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The Uncomfortable Truth About Your Health

Updated: Oct 25, 2022

What have been your excuses for not implementing the nutrition and lifestyle practices that cultivate vibrant health?

An uncomfortable but empowering truth is that each moment you have a choice. You have free will to choose, and you typically choose to do what is in alignment with your values and priorities. That reflects what is actually important to you at that moment. You most likely have been finding the time, money, energy and resources to do what matters the most to you in life. And you most likely run out of time, money, energy, and resources for what matters the least to you in life. With that in mind, your list of excuses not to implement holistic health practices often equates to the lack of value and priority you have placed on yourself. Unfortunately, even when you tell yourself you do value or prioritize your health, your choices and actions don't lie. They demonstrate your honest core values and priorities in that moment.

Start to take notice of how you are spending your time and your money - are these in line with how you truly want to be living? If you do not know, it would be in your best interest to do some self-reflection, and gain some clarity on your dreams, goals, and objectives, and what kind of life you want to cultivate. With that clarity you can then begin to actively manifest and take action towards the life you truly want to be living.

This awareness then transforms your excuses into an opportunity to explore your self-limiting ideas, beliefs, and deeper unconscious fears around taking responsibility for the choices that affect your health. This is why self-reflection exercises, and maintaining clarity about our motivations, dreams, goals, and priorities are an integral part of our consultation process at Mala Wellness Collective.


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