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Forest bathing in Edmonton nature

Forest Therapy

Join us on a unique walk in the woods. Your certified guide will invite you to slow down, engage your senses and come fully into the present moment as you connect with nature. Forest Therapy, otherwise known as Forest Bathing, is a practice that is gaining attention for its physiological and psychological benefits.


Come and experience the healing of the forest as you shift to a state of being.

Bird watching during forest therapy in the edmonton river valley

What is

Forest Therapy?

Forest Therapy is inspired by the Japanese practice of Shinrin-Yoku. Translated to English this means 'forest bathing'; bathing in the atmosphere of the forest. Spending time in the forest in this deliberate, mindful way is beneficial for healing, well-being and preventative care.


It’s not your typical walk in the woods, but an immersive experience that involves slowing down and engaging the senses. Participants gain benefit from noticing and connecting to their surroundings in a new, but ancient, way - fully engaging with life to receive the medicine of the forest.

Each walk is a unique way to experience nature. Moving at a very slow pace, we will let go of stress, coming out of our heads and coming into a state of being. Your guide will lead you through a series of activities, called invitations, where you will experience the present moment through all your senses, allowing you to connect more deeply with the forest and with yourself. 

What are

the benefits?

Science is starting to empirically demonstrate what many have intuitively sensed for years - being in nature is uniquely beneficial for health and wellness.


As a species that evolved in the natural world, our minds and bodies are being overwhelmed by our modern lifestyles, leading to states of stress and disease.


As we search for accessible and affordable methods of health promotion, research is demonstrating that the practice of forest therapy leads to a variety of physiological and psychological benefits including:
A beautiful wild rose in an Edmonton forest
  • Reduced stress

  • Boosted creativity 

  • Lowered blood pressure

  • Increased immune system function

  • Reduced anxiety and depression

  • Increased positive mood and emotions 

  • Faster recovery time after surgery or illness

  • Restored mental energy and recovery from fatigue

  • Increased feelings of belonging and connectedness

  • Promotion of deep relaxation

Spotting a beaver during forest therapy in edmonton

The forest is the therapist, the guide opens the doors

Why do I need a guide?

Forest Therapy guides, as certified by the Association of Nature and Forest Therapy, are trained to design supportive and accessible walks, following a professional standard. While being highly adaptable to the needs of participants in the present moment, Laura will guide you through thoughtfully crafted invitations, created with the intention of opening up the doors of the forest to you.

As with other practices such as yoga or meditation, an experienced guide or facilitator will hold space, allowing your thinking mind to rest as you deepen into the experience. Your guide will help you to slow down while suggesting techniques that you can incorporate into a personal practice. 


Your guide will be a supportive witness of your journey and will facilitate connection within the group as well as with the natural landscape, ending the experience with a tea ceremony using locally foraged plants.

Laura McLaughlin

Certified Nature & Forest Therapy Guide

Walking in the Edmonton river valley

Experience Forest Therapy

Come experience the beauty of the Edmonton River Valley - this is a unique way to enjoy our city and the lush stretch of forest within it.

During a forest therapy walk in Edmonton

Public Walks

Sign up for one of our relaxing and revitalizing walks through the woods!

A chickadee spotted during forest bathing in edmonton

Private Walks

Create a memorable experience with a private session. Contact us to customize your walk.


"New timer to forest therapy and feeling rejuvenated after an awesome experience. Laura is an incredible guide, highly recommend!"

-Stephanie K.-

"Our first forest therapy walk was an amazing 3 hour nature based soothing, calming, sharing, caring deliberately slow journey.  Three weeks later and I can still feel the powerful emotions of this session and remember the wondrous sights, sounds and yes even tastes of this very special afternoon."

-Lynn R.-

"Laura is the quintessential guide, providing all the space a person needs to find their own way. The impact of the forest walk she hosted remained with me long after the session ended, offering new imagery and feeling to my rest, dream, and nature time. I was able to touch into the child in me who once picked rocks up from sandy shores and watched bugs crawl across leaves.  I would go again in a heartbeat."

-Amanda B.-

"It was tremendously beneficial to connect with nature and explore our senses through easy but exciting invitations. No pressure is present, because everyone creates the experience they want. I left feeling revitalized and more connected with nature and myself."

-Kayla C.-

"The amazing Laura guided us on a forest walk a few weeks ago. It was so magical. she is so knowledgable about forest therapy and it's hidden treasures. I can't wait to go again."

-Marina D.-

"Their Forest Therapy walks are very relaxing. You learn to appreciate your surroundings. Especially nature which was my favourite part. I highly recommend going on these walks if you get the chance!"

-Alex D.


Forest Therapy Walk

Gift Certificates

Treat your loved ones to the gift of Forest Therapy!

A relaxing nature connection in Edmonton forest

nature's peace will flow into you as sunshine flows into trees 

-John Muir

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