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How you breathe is how you live! 

Above all else, your state of being always begins with your breath. When you aren't feeling happy, healthy and whole, how often do you consider your breath and the role it plays in those experiences? If your breathing is dysfunctional, you won't be capable of feeling your best.


Work with Matt, Certified Soma Breathwork Instructor, and learn to optimize how you breathe to improve your performance in all areas of your life. Matt offers private breathwork consultations, group consultations, and hosts breathwork classes including the Soma Awakening Ceremony.

What Is Breathwork?

Breathwork involves the conscious control of your breath to produce a desired state in your body, such as winding down from a stressful situation, getting energized when feeling tired, and even reaching deep meditative and ecstatic states. There is a plethora of benefits we experience from the regulation of the breath.


Your breath is THE fundamental determinant of your physical, mental and emotional state and health. How you breathe has a profound effect on your overall health, and for many of us our ability to breath healthy and efficiently has become compromised due to our modern lifestyles- chronic stress, sedentary living, slouching over electronic devices, poor physical health and posture, lack of fitness and exercise, and poor nutrition.


Without breath awareness, our modern living results in inefficient unconscious breathing patterns that perpetuate poor health, such as breathing from the chest and neck, mouth breathing, overbreathing, and unconscious breath holding. Dysfunctional, unconscious breathing negatively impacts every single body system. 


It all begins with how you breathe - join our classes or book a consultation to go within and come back to a healthy, functional breath pattern.


The Benefits of Breathwork

Breathwork has been utilized by humans for thousands of years and is an integral part of the holistic practice of Yoga. 


It has been scientifically researched all over the world, with a plethora of proven benefits. 

How breathwork can improve your life

  • Increases connection to self and others

  • Reduces stress, anxiety and depression

  • Increases focus and attention span

  • Improves immunity and health

  • Reduces inflammation and oxidative stress

  • Reprograms your mindset and thought patterns

  • Balances your emotional states and responses

  • Regulates heart rate

  • Lowers blood pressure


The Soma Breathwork Journey

Mala Wellness Collective invites you to experience this very special pranayama yogic breath journey with Matt Wiebe, Certified Soma Breathwork Instructor.


The Soma Breathwork Journey is built around scientifically backed pranayama (controlled breathing) techniques - combining intention setting, brainwave music, rhythmic breathing & breath holds, guided meditation, visualization, and positive affirmations. Matt will guide you into deep and coherent meditative states resulting in greater resilience to stress, greater emotional balance, greater healing capacity, and increased energy, stamina, focus, and creativity.


The Soma Breathwork practice helps slow your normal breathing rate, correcting inefficient and unconscious breathing patterns that accompany states of stress, depression, and anxiety - improving oxygen utilization and reducing oxidative stress. 


These techniques take you through various brainwave states, where you can then recondition and retrain your reptilian brain and limbic system - where impulses, traumas, hardwired habits, beliefs, and thought patterns reside. 


These techniques empower you to exert control over your autonomic nervous system, enabling you to turn on passion and action when you need it, and turn down your stress response when it’s not serving you. With Soma Breath techniques you are actively creating beneficial state changes in your body - state changes that you will feel immediately! You can then take these beneficial states with you into your daily life, spreading your creative love and positivity to others, while being better equipped to take on life’s challenges, transforming them into opportunities for learning and personal growth. 


The Soma Breathwork practice creates a profound and appreciable reduction in overall stress. That in combination with the intention setting will free up physical, mental, and emotional energy - making space for the focus, drive, and determination you have been needing to finally take the actions required to get healthy, build the life you truly want, and share your gifts and infinite potential with the world.


Join us, and experience how this powerful and healing practice can change your life. When you feel happy, healthy and whole, you shift the collective that way. To heal the world we must first heal ourselves!

Breathe Easy Sessions

Learn how to breathe again

These unique breathwork sessions are for anyone and everyone, young to old, sedentary to athletic. Matt’s sessions are designed to give you a better understanding of your breath, the profound impact it has on your health and overall quality of life, and how to enhance your breathing. 


You will leave our sesssions with a variety of effective, enjoyable breathing techniques, and the knowledge to start your own personal breathwork practice. These sessions will equip you with experiential knowledge that will benefit you the rest of your life. 

Included In The Session:

​Breathing Mechanics, How We Breathe & How Oxygen Is Utilized In The Body

How Healthy Breathing Becomes Unconsciously Compromised

Priming The Body For Breathwork & Healthy Breathing

The 8 Soma Therapeutic Breathwork/Pranayama Techniques

20 Minute Longevity Breathwork Session

Personalized Take Home Breathwork Practice (with private sessions only)

Therapeutic Breathwork Resource

  • The science and importance of healthy breathing, how breathing becomes dysfunctional, what healthy breathing looks like

  • Therapeutic Breathwork Techniques & Exercises For: Energy, Fatigue, Detoxification, Longevity, Relaxation, Resilience and Performance (physical, mental, emotional)

You WILL feel & experience the difference a breathing practice creates in your life!

Heading 3

Private Sessions   $200  Up to 2 hours

Group Sessions   Contact for pricing

Perfect for teams, companies, cohorts and more!

Matt's facilitation is clear and loving and it's obvious that he has done his own personal work and exploration of self. That's super important for me when seeking out expert guidance for myself. I felt safe, held, and guided the whole time. Afterwards, I was buzzing with energy and felt super connected to my body and Spirit. I love that this modality of breathwork really connects me to my visions and supports me in manifesting my desires.

I would highly recommend Matt and his breathwork sessions.

-Renee M.

Events & Classes


Breathe Easy Sessions

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