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Animal Based Nutrition & Undemonizing Meat (Part 1)

Updated: Oct 25, 2022

Welcome to Part One of my three part series on the power and importance of animal based nutrition! Let's begin!

Do you believe that meat and animal foods are bad for your health, bad for the environment, and unethical to consume?

If so, it is understandable, based on the cultural narrative around this topic. Between damning media reports, anti-meat propaganda films posing as health/environment documentaries, horrible video clips from factory farms, associational data presented in misleading ways, and biased, industry influenced nutritional recommendations, it makes sense why you would think that, and why I once thought those things too. Big claims get made and reported, and even if they are later shown to be wrong, refuting the claims and getting the information circulated is much more challenging.

But have you taken the time to look into alternative viewpoints?

Have you explored why animal foods are thought to be unhealthy by some and healthy by others? Do you think disturbing factory farming practices are standard across the board? Or that no animals perished or were exploited in the cultivation of a plant-based meal? Is the environmental impact of animal agriculture really as bad as has been reported? Could plant agriculture actually be worse in many cases?

If you take the time to really explore the subject and what the various sides of the argument are saying, you may begin to see the current societal push against animal inclusive diet as myopic, misguided (but mostly well intentioned), and even corrupt, manipulative, and