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Breathe Easy Sessions

Learn how to breathe again

These unique breathwork sessions are for anyone and everyone, young to old, sedentary to athletic. Matt’s sessions are designed to give you a better understanding of your breath, the profound impact it has on your health and overall quality of life, and how to enhance your breathing. 


You will leave our sessions with a variety of effective, enjoyable breathing techniques, and the knowledge to start your own personal breathwork practice. These consultations will equip you with experiential knowledge that will benefit you the rest of your life. 

Included In The Sessions:

​Breathing Mechanics, How We Breathe & How Oxygen Is Utilized In The Body

How Healthy Breathing Becomes Unconsciously Compromised

Priming The Body For Breathwork & Healthy Breathing

The 8 Soma Therapeutic Breathwork/Pranayama Techniques

20 Minute Longevity Breathwork Session

Personalized Take Home Breathwork Practice (with private sessions only)

Therapeutic Breathwork Resource

  • The science and importance of healthy breathing, how breathing becomes dysfunctional, what healthy breathing looks like

  • Therapeutic Breathwork Techniques & Exercises For: Energy, Fatigue, Detoxification, Longevity, Relaxation, Resilience and Performance (physical, mental, emotional)

You WILL feel & experience the difference a breathing practice creates in your life!

Private Sessions  $200  Up to 2 hours

Group Sessions   Contact for pricing

Perfect for teams, companies, cohorts and more!
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