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Issues With Nutritional Recommendations - Part 2

Updated: Oct 25, 2022

In Part One we discussed various challenges and potential pitfalls with nutrition research, and the recommendations gleaned from them.

Some questions we could be asking ourselves:

  • Could nutrient requirements and recommended daily intakes (RDI’s) be inaccurate?

  • In what context are they based on in the first place?

  • Nutrient requirements for optimal health? Or to prevent deficiencies? Is there a difference?

  • What way of eating was used to determine them? Omnivorous diet? Western or Standard American diet? Paleo diet? Vegan/Vegetarian? Whole food plant based? Carnivore Diet?

  • Do the same requirements apply to all dietary strategies and lifestyles?

  • Do nutritional recommendations make sense for you based on your ancestry or where you live? If your lineage is from somewhere northern, with a real winter (like here in Canada), would your ancestors have evolved consuming a diet with a wide range of plant foods year round?

  • Do we really need a widely mixed diet of many types of foods? Do we need that in all contexts?

  • How plant based should our diets be? How animal based should our diets be?Could our plant and animal food requirements shift from day to day? Month to month? Season to season? Year to year? Even hour to