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Healthy Food

Our Programs

One to three months of nutrition and lifestyle coaching with Matt

Our Encompass Programs make states of health attainable and sustainable! These programs provide you with the knowledge, resources, and personalized support you have been needing to start feeling healthy and vibrant. 


You will learn effective and foundational nutrition & lifestyle strategies that will serve you the rest of your days; they have been designed to create a life-long paradigm shift around your nutrition and lifestyle, so you can start living your most vibrant life!

Supercharge Your Health

Our programs will provide you with a complete understanding of how to nourish your body, so you begin feeling great - making a state of vibrant health your new baseline!

Imagine waking up each day feeling well-rested, energetic and optimistic.


Imagine not wasting your mental energy on figuring out what you should eat, and feeling confident that your food choices for the day will be delicious, satisfying, and nourishing.


Imagine not experiencing strong food cravings, or excessive appetite, and having a healthy relationship with your food.


Imagine relief from recurring symptoms of poor health such as skin issues, blood sugar issues, burnout, fatigue, or anxiety and mental health challenges.


Imagine feeling love and contentment for the person you see in the mirror.


Imagine having sustained energy and focus all day, feeling fully present and productive in all your endeavours. 


Imagine feeling in control of your responses to stressful situations, handling them gracefully. 


Imagine your nutrition and lifestyle practices actually producing the results you are seeking, in a way that feels simple and sustainable!

You are closer than you think to the state of health you seek, and these programs can get you there!

The Encompass Programs

A truly holistic and personalized approach

Our programs are designed to simplify healthy eating and living. You will learn straightforward, digestible concepts and strategies from the Elements of Wellness framework that can easily be incorporated into your daily life.


Not only will you learn in-depth information and strategies about nutrition, but also about sleep, movement, resilience, nature, breathing and stress reduction. A truly holistic approach will consider all aspects of your experience, leading to lasting transformation. 


Whether you choose a one, three or six month program, you will meet with Matt every two weeks. Through in-depth conversation, scheduled check-ins, reassessment of your symptoms and consistent re-evaluation of what is working or not working for you, you will receive a high level of personalized support.  You will be seen and heard as the unique being you are, and will be given a toolbox of individualized practices selected just for you.  


To further equip you with the tools you need, these programs also include access to over 140 pages of educational, inspirational and reflective resources to accelerate your momentum towards health. 


From living these practices you will be ready to take on each day feeling your best!

The Elements of Wellness

Human bodies are a combination of deeply interconnected systems, and everything you expose a body’s system to has an effect on the body as a whole - be it physical, mental, or emotional exposures. This fact is what underlies the concept of holistic health. 


Nutrition is only one aspect of someone's life contributing to their state of health, and although nutrition will be a very powerful health intervention, the positive impact nutrition will be diminished when other aspects of their lifestyle are imbalanced.

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These concepts are what inspired Matt’s Elements of Wellness framework.


Matt uses this framework to help his clients view their health through a holistic lens, and guide them to their own realization of what nutrition and lifestyle practices are the most effective and sustainable for them to create the states of health they seek.

To get started, book a FREE 15-minute consultation with Matt!

 Resources Included

Our programs include a variety of educational, self-reflective and inspirational resources!

The Mala Elements of Wellness Handbook

Best health resource

This 99-page resource will be an important supplemental tool for your wellness journey and includes:

In-depth breakdowns and examples of how nutrition and lifestyle inputs may be impacting your health


Detailed scientific information on how the macronutrients from your food interact with your body and how they can lead to health, or to disease and discontent

Strategies and Resources For:

  • Reducing and dealing with various stress exposure from our modern environments

  • Getting higher quality sleep 

  • Strategically moving more throughout the day, combating a sedentary lifestyle 

  • Building resilience in your body and mind

  • Connecting to nature and community 

  • Healthy breathing 

  • Whole food recommendations and recipes

  • Meal planning basics

  • & More

Even More Resources

Ingredient Awareness Session