35 Reasons To Work With A Holistic Nutrition Consultant

If you are reading this, perhaps you (or someone you love) have been experiencing health concerns, or are wanting to make health improvements. You may be finding it difficult to make the necessary changes required to cultivate the states of health you are seeking, but are also starting to feel that it's time to begin making those changes.

As you read through this list, take notice of anything that resonates with you in your current circumstance.


You’re wanting to begin or have just begun a health journey, but feel you lack direction and knowledge.

You are following standard nutrition recommendations but they have failed to produce your desired results.

You haven’t been able to supplement or drug your way out of your health circumstance.

You’re considerate of your future health, and your future quality of life, and you can see that your current trajectory is not leading to positive outcomes for your future health.

You want to see what health and greatness you can achieve.

You think healthy food and delicious food are separate entities.

You want to improve your will power and work with your biology instead of battling it.

You feel like you're constantly managing symptoms instead of getting to the root causes.

You’re looking to invest in your health and your future.

You feel like you could be moving through life with more poise, grace, and calm.

You want to feel safe, secure, and resilient in your body.

You don’t want to be reliant on others to maintain a state of health.

You're tired of experiencing persistent symptoms, and low energy and vitality.

You want to be healthy and vital to better support your loved ones.

You're tired of having energy lulls and cravings.

You wish that you could wake up feeling refreshed and energized and ready to take on the day.

Your stress response constantly feels excessive.

You feel discontent, apathetic and disconnected from your body and your health.

You suffer from brain fog, poor cognitive performance, and poor emotional stability.

You take lots of supplements or have become reliant on supplements.

You take lots of supplements but aren’t sure if they are helping.

You are unhappy with your body composition.

You fall victim to frequent colds and illnesses.

You have tried various diets to no avail, or only to reach an indefinite plateau.

You believe you’re eating pretty healthy but you are not getting the result you are hoping for.

You are confused about what to eat for health.

You are feeling frustrated or defeated trying to figure out what to eat.

You consume animal foods but you worry they might be unhealthy.

You follow a plant based diet and want to continue for ethical reasons, but it is not producing the desired health results.

You exercise frequently but aren’t getting results you seek

You don't want to spend lots of money on supplementation

You have the mindset that health is complicated to obtain.

You want to learn nutrition and lifestyle strategies that are simple, cost effective, and that will serve you the rest of your life.

You want to feel empowered by your state of health instead of hindered by it.

You meet any of these criteria for metabolic syndrome or insulin resistance involved in virtually all disease processes such as: Large waist circumference, high blood pressure, high glucose/insulin levels (dyslipidemia), high triglycerides or low HDL


If you have read this far, it may be that you have felt challenged when it comes to making the nutrition and lifestyle choices that produce overall feelings of health, vitality, resilience, contentment and love. With a topic so vast, and with so much contradictory information being circulated, it can be incredibly confusing to know the best route to take for making health improvements.

This is why sitting down with a Mala Wellness Holistic Nutrition Consultant (like myself), and doing an overview of your current nutrition and lifestyle through a holistic lens, can be incredibly valuable. My consultations will remove confusion, and leave you feeling both educated and empowered to obtain the health you seek.

Holistic health can be realized more simply than you might believe, but it is also a committed, ongoing endeavour. When you work with me you will be provided both support and accountability. I will share with you my experiential knowledge, and you will begin to incorporate simple, enjoyable, science-based, tried and true strategies for making health improvements.

If any of the points on this list resonate with you, and you feel ready to cultivate greater health, I am here to guide.

Remember, YOU hold the power to change your health, and YOU hold the power to change your state. When you take responsible action, with the intent to learn and heal, and begin to cultivate holistic health and resilience, you’re not just healing yourself, you’re healing everyone you interact with, and the collective.