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Best nutritionist in Edmonton

Holistic Nutrition & Lifestyle Consultations

Cultivate Health, Strength, Resilience & Contentment

I’m Matt, Holistic Nutrition and Lifestyle Consultant & cultivator of human health & vitality! 


I will empower you with simple, effective, and sustainable dietary and lifestyle practices, tailored to your personal circumstances. 


My Nutrition and Lifestyle programs have been designed to create a life-long paradigm shift around your nutrition and lifestyle, so you can start living your most vibrant life!

What's in the way of your health?

You CAN create the health you seek!

Do you find yourself confused about what the best diet is? 


Are you overweight or unsatisfied with your body composition?


Are you experiencing recurring symptoms of poor health such as skin issues, blood sugar issues, burnout, fatigue or energy issues, mental health challenges like anxiety, depression, or poor tolerance to stress?


Have you already been implementing various dietary and lifestyle health strategies, but aren't getting the results you would like? 


Are you determined to get healthy and make nutrition and lifestyle improvements? 


Are you concerned that your diet and lifestyle are leading you down a path to poor health? 


Are you new to the world of nutrition and holistic health? 

Have you worked with a Nutritionist, Dietician, or other nutritional consultant in the past, and felt you didn't walk away with practices that felt effective or sustainable long term?

If you have answered YES to any of these questions, then working with me will be a truly valuable experience. 


You will learn the foundations of a healthy diet and lifestyle, removing the confusion and frustration about how to eat. 


Our work together will cultivate the state of health and wellness you are seeking, so that you can be living your most vibrant life!

Transform Your Health Today 

Removing the frustration through education and empowerment

My Nutrition & Lifestyle Consultations aim to address health on a truly holistic level, beyond what you will get with most nutritionists and health coaches, in order to promote lasting health transformation. Transformation has a permanent connotation to it and means you reach a point of no return; you no longer return to habits that don't serve your health, happiness and resilience. 


I avoid impersonal, short term, temporary and restrictive quick fixes (like dieting), that often lack results and lead to frustration.


Our consultations are crafted with the goal of removing the frustration from your wellness journey. Finding a healthy, sustainable way of eating can be very challenging. The nutrition and health landscape is littered with dogmatic information and prescribed nutrition practices that have worked for another individual may not serve you in your current situation.


It is my goal to introduce you to simple, effective strategies designed for your unique circumstances.

I will go beyond prescribing generic dietary practices or simply telling you what you should or should not do. You will be provided various holistic health strategies to choose from, and educated on the science behind why you're doing them.


Our approach will motivate and empower you, leading to a vibrant quality of life!

Healthy Eating

I want you to walk away from our time together feeling like you finally know what you're doing when it comes to your nutrition and lifestyle.


Getting healthy CAN be simple and uncomplicated; I promise you it will begin to feel easy once you have the right information.


My intention is to support you in discovering the nutrition and lifestyle practices that ring true for you, are sustainable long term and produce feelings of vitality, health, wholeness, love and connection.


Matt is a breath of fresh air when it comes to nutrition and well-being. Matt's attention to my lifestyle and the challenges I was facing with stress and an ever-changing sleep schedule was apparent in our follow-up meeting. He had so many ideas for me to implement in ways that would actually work for me. As a meat eater, his take on the benefits of animal protein was fascinating and reassuring. Many nutritionists have always promoted a plant-based diet but it never felt right to me and what my body needs. Every piece of advice Matt provided was backed by science and he explained in detail why all his suggestions would be of service to my health. If you have tried to reach your nutrition and health goals in the past and had trouble, I highly suggest seeing Matt. He is so dedicated to helping his clients in ways that really work. I love how he is constantly shaking up the narrative of mainstream food ideals. Work with Matt and I am sure you'll walk away with something new.

-Denise W.

To get started, book a FREE 15-minute consultation with Matt!

What Our Health Adventure Will Look Like

After in-depth discussion of your Lifestyle Assessment Forms we will discuss your current state of health and why you are seeking guidance to improve it. 

We will begin to cultivate more awareness of the aspects of your diet and lifestyle habits that may be impacting your health in undesirable ways. We will develop a greater understanding of how they may have developed into unwanted symptoms and feelings of discontent. 

We will discuss science backed nutrition and lifestyle strategies for you to begin experimenting with.

You will start a journey of developing a more intuitive awareness of how your nutrition and lifestyle impact your health. 

With personalized guidance and in-depth educational resources, we will remove the confusion and provide accountability so you can confidently begin making a series of small, sustainable and effective nutrition and lifestyle changes to improve your health and wellbeing.

We are now offering consultations both virtually and in-person (Edmonton)

Single Visit Pricing

Initial Visit 

90 minutes $150

Follow Up Visit 

90 minutes $100

BONUS Included Resources:

Painting A Nutritional Picture Document

Why many nutrition recommendations are misguided, Mala nutrition basics including macros, healthy living paradigm shift

Holistic Self Reflection Worksheet

A deep journaling inquiry into your nutrition and lifestyle, and their relation to your dreams, goals, and objectives.

Avocado healthy

Check Out Our Programs

Get coaching from Matt for 1 or 3 months

Did You Know?

Our nutrition consultations are covered by many benefit or health spending plans - check with your provider! 

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